Thursday, August 14, 2008

FUN IDEA #5 Ways to use stickers!

I love open-ended play for kids—it brings out their unique creative abilities, and it's so valuable for them to tap into that. The i get around board book, journal, stickers and suitcase are designed to allow kids to use them in lots of ways. But I know it helps to have some ideas to get things rolling! So here are some fun ways to use stickers. (Click on any image to enlarge.)

rover and action words: Have your little one place stickers to match the corresponding images and words in the board book. (The stickers aren't permanent, so they can be moved around or removed altogether.) Or, place a rover activity sticker anywhere you like and ask your child to find the matching word (or vise versa).

object and alphabet: Take these stickers along on an outing and see how many of the objects you see. Create a story, add the alphabet letter the object begins with, or practice writing the name of each object. (Note: correct spelling is not important here—self-expression is!)

feelings+senses: Explore emotions and sensory experiences at home or away to help encourage awareness. Ask your child to choose a sticker that represents how they feel (or felt) and tell you about it. Or ask how they think someone else is feeling. Use the senses stickers to encourage noticing tastes, smells, sights, sounds, and things they touch—ask them to draw or write about the experiences.

special places: If you go to the park, remind kids to add that sticker to their journal and tell about the experience in words and pictures. Or they can stick them on the play+go case like old fashioned travel stickers to say "look where I've been!"

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