Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kids, nature, and the GREAT outdoors

I'm really excited that there's a growing movement of people and organizations working to reconnect children with nature!

I love i love dirt by Jennifer Ward. And I'm currently reading Richard Louv's Last Child in the Woods—it's a wonderful, comprehensive look at the importance of outdoor play and nature in kids' lives.

The website, which provides access to the latest news and research in the field, continues to build on this movement. (A desire to encourage connection with nature, outdoor exploration, and basic physical activity—in a lighthearted way—is a big reason I felt compelled to create i get around.)

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  1. I wish i-get-around was available when my kids were young - at the time it seemed like Disney was the only game in town. I especially like how flexible and open-ended the journal and stickers are; they could work at a park, at the zoo, on a trip, or even at the grocery store!