Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Isetta-the perfect company car

Wouldn't this be a cool company car? It's a 1957 Isetta that I need to get restored (when I find the time and the right person!). The Isetta was an early commuter car—it's an Italian design and was made by BMW. Can't you just see it with a couple of "i get around" circle logos on the sides?

FUN IDEA #2 Caroline's journal

Here's just one of several entries by 6 year old Caroline (who lives in Wisconsin) showing and telling about her trip to the museum. Her mom translates: "'I go to the museum with Mikey. Boat.' (The boat at the science museum is her favorite exhibit. The drawings that resemble up arrows are actually museum buildings.)" Very cool.

Mom Kim also says: “It was really great fun watching Caroline spell out words and create the illustrations. She is just at the point where she is wanting to try to write things by herself. The size of the journal is just right. She could carry it around and the space for text and pictures wasn’t so big that it was overwhelming.”

Friday, April 25, 2008

FUN IDEA #1 Here's how we go in San Francisco!

I love this photo and idea from Minneapolis grandparents Dick and Connie, who wrote: "If two big brothers were to visit their new baby sister in the hospital, how could they bring her gifts?" They added, "This was really a hit with the big brothers and their parents. One took a stuffed animal and the other took a newborn stocking cap in the suitcases, past the security guards, nurses, etc. It was quite a production." Makes me smile.