Sunday, March 8, 2009

emotion and expression

I am fascinated by the connections between emotions, self-expression/creativity, and spirit. So I love what this passage--from Kids Play, by Michele Cassou--has to say. (I also believe, thankfully, that this can apply to adults too.)

"When children allow feelings to surface, they enter a healing process. Their feelings actually move from inside to outside. What is most difficult about painful feelings is that they contract and harden when we try to protect ourselves from them. When creation happens, the defenses that keep control over the feelings let down and feelings spontaneously express themselves, bringing release and integration, and feelings find room to be. The pain is felt, but with a space around it, because the contraction around it vanishes and the pain can finish its cycle.

Quite often, gentle feelings follow self-expression and children volunteer a few words about what they just experienced or remembered. They sense their place in the world again; they feel they belong."

Hopeful and inspiring, isn't it?

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  1. The role of self-expression and creativity that you describe is the whole concept behind the Free Arts program -- through creative activities and adult mentorship, kids who have been abused or neglected are able to release their feelings of hurt and abandonment and find a bigger place of acceptance, self-worth, and joy. I really believe that creativity is a magical force, the power of which is only now beginning to take it's rightful place alongside linear learning and knowledge.