Sunday, March 8, 2009

emotion and expression

I am fascinated by the connections between emotions, self-expression/creativity, and spirit. So I love what this passage--from Kids Play, by Michele Cassou--has to say. (I also believe, thankfully, that this can apply to adults too.)

"When children allow feelings to surface, they enter a healing process. Their feelings actually move from inside to outside. What is most difficult about painful feelings is that they contract and harden when we try to protect ourselves from them. When creation happens, the defenses that keep control over the feelings let down and feelings spontaneously express themselves, bringing release and integration, and feelings find room to be. The pain is felt, but with a space around it, because the contraction around it vanishes and the pain can finish its cycle.

Quite often, gentle feelings follow self-expression and children volunteer a few words about what they just experienced or remembered. They sense their place in the world again; they feel they belong."

Hopeful and inspiring, isn't it?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Trails

A few months ago, I heard about a local woman, Jodi Hiland, who had started a hiking club for kids and their adults. Jodi is creating something so valuable. And I love what she wrote in her email newsletter today:

It's so interesting how this economy thing has shaken up the way our culture does everything. I sometimes wonder how we'll look back on these past several decades. Years from now, we'll probably be sitting around with our children's children, telling the story: "Many years ago, people went away from nature, and we forgot who we really were. There came a great collective sadness, and we also forgot that we were connected to each other.

"We began to look to other things to make us happy, and our world became sick. Suddenly, it was too much, and a cosmic re-set button was pushed. We were forced to let go of those things we thought made us whole, and had to re-learn how to be with ourselves, our neighbors, and the Earth. Now, because we embraced this balance, we are truly free."

Check out Happy Trails Family Nature Club at (and be sure to sign up for the newsletter)!