Monday, December 7, 2009

Reviewers that matter: Kindergarteners!

I am always thrilled when I hear what kids think of i get around. So I have to share the reviews I received from Laura Risdall's kindergarten class at Burroughs School in Minneapolis! I cherish the letter I received. Here's what Ms Risdall wrote:

"After we read the book, I asked for their opinion. I told them they could tell me they liked it or didn't like it that much, but they had to tell why. Here are some of their responses, in their own words! It was all positive feedback!

I like it because...
It has a funny cover!
It has cool pages.
It is an interesting book.
I like that it rhymes!
I like the things that are in the dog's imagination.
It has a dog in it, and I have a dog at home!
I like the part that said, "Hey watch out for the tree!"
I like the part at the end where he goes to sleep!
I like the little critters in the drawings.
He goes a lot of places!
I like that you had to turn the book upside down!"

Thank you, Laura Risdall and students! I am honored to receive your feedback, and I look forward to meeting you in January. (I've been invited to visit the class!)