Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Interview on Examiner.com

Check out this article that was posted today at Examiner.com

Q: Describe i-get-around and where the idea came from.

A: i-get-around is collection of books and fun "activity encouragement" products for kids who get around in everyday life, on special trips, and in their imaginations. Curiosity, discovery, and learning are encouraged by Rover, a loveable, adventurous (and kinda silly) hound who likes to get around and learn along the way. Rover inspires little ones (age 0-8) to be creative and connected with the world around them—including being active in the outdoors and nature (i-get-around is a natural fit for helping to get kids outside and to be more physically active). Rover bikes, skis, skates, dances, walks, talks, runs, jumps, swims...read more

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  1. Excellent article! It's interesting to learn a little bit about the behind-the-scenes activity involved in developing a children's book/product. It clearly is an adventure worthy of Rover himself!