Monday, March 28, 2011

i get around to Haiti

We recently provided books to Healing Haiti, an organization that currently supports 53 orphans, living in two small orphanages who have lost their families to extreme poverty, hurricanes and AIDS. For kids with such great needs, this small donation seems trivial, but I mention it because I Get Around concept has always included getting books around to kids and families who may not have them for various reasons. The bookmark shown here is now included in some books sold at retail, even though donating books has always been—and always will be—part of the plan.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Rover Story, by Eli

7 year old Eli used his Rover stickers to tell a story (I love his creative sticker use). Note the last two frames—cat is in tree, so what to do? Use a karate kick to knock the tree down and free the cat, of course! (Click on image to view larger.)

Eli's dad typed the text up for us too:
Wake up rover.
Rover is ready to go.
Rover is hungry. He stretches.
He eats breakfast.
The cat is sleeping.
Til rover shows up. (mew!!)
The cat ran up the tree.
Rover knows karate. (crack!)